ana artist artwork design and industrial art done from Sumitomo IntElect 100-110 product picture

Industrial Art is a digital art protocole developed by aNa artiste. She creates remotely with digital tools artworks based on industrial documents and ressources.

Sumitomo DEMAG industrial artwork

This video represents the perfect display. You easily understand what can be done from a picture of an industrial tool.

Sumitomo DEMAG IntElect 100-110

Sumitomo DEMAG IntElect 100-110 is the subject. A side picture is submitted to aNa artist.

Sumitomo IntElect 100-110 product picture is the prefect ressource for industrial art by aNa
Sumitomo DEMAG IntElect 100-110

Step by step aNa artist’s Industrial creative process

aNa travels all around and through the Sumitomo DEMAG IntElect 100-110 picture to grow a black and white creation. Her hand use a digital material to translate her brain content.

ana artist industrial artwork design from Sumitomo IntElect 100-110 product picture
aNa’s Sumitomo industrial digital artwork step

Sumitomo Industrial Master piece

Your art piece is a pure and synthetic black and white sketch. As a digital file, you can now choose the way you want to expose or share it.

Your industrial Art piece can be :

  • printed on canvas, plexiglass, wallpaper…
  • duplicated for goodies and gift
  • share on social as picture files or video timelapse.
aNa artist industrial art creation done from Sumitomo DEMAG IntElect 100-110 product picture
Industrial art piece

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